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Looking for a product that perfectly degreases and removes dirt. AVENTURINE IPA Cleaner, is a professional degreaser containing 99% isopropyl alcohol. It is indispensable when preparing lacquer for waxes, and under application of coatings. Indispensable during paint correction to remove residues from polishes and paint inspection. In winter it works great as a de-icer. Suitable for both body, rims and windshields. Product ready to use, or to be diluted depending on the purpose.

Dostępne pojemności:

0,75 l.
5 l.
Ideal for degreasing Safe for surfaces Under coating or wax For washing out polishes
  1. Spray the microfiber.
  2. Apply to the paint to degrease the surface.
  3. You don't need to lapping with a second microfiber.
Do not apply the product to a heated surface. Always use a clean microfiber cloth. Depending on your intended use, use the product without dilution, or you can dilute it with water at a ratio of 1 to 4.

Deep cleansing


Fast evaporation


Odkryj nasze nowości, które jeszcze lepiej pomogą zadbać Ci o Twoje auto.


Protects and nourishes leather upholstery, prevents stains and cracks, improves flexibility. Nourishes the color and leaves a pleasant fragrance.



An effective product for the touchless removal of heavy road grime. Alkaline pH degreases and cleans surfaces, safe for bodywork, in concentrate for dilution.



Leather upholstery cleaner, removes dirt and odors, moisturizes and softens leather. Safe for perforated leather, ready to use.