Paint protection



Are you looking for a proven solution for quick and effective paint protection? Or are you looking forward to an amazing visual effect? Check out SAPPHIRE- Ceramic Spray Coat, which not only protects the paint, but also restores its former shine and leaves a Wet look, giving a glossy and glassy effect to the paint. Thanks to its high SiO2-component of coatings, it creates a hydrophobic layer that makes it easier and faster to dry the car, as well as reduces the deposition of dirt on the paint. The durability of the product is several months. Ready-to-use product.

Dostępne pojemności:

0,75 l.
5 l.
High SiO2 content Easy application Outstanding durability for up to several months Hydrophobic effect Wet look, high gloss and depth of color
  1. Wash your car. Dry the paint with a towel or apply the product to a wet surface.
  2. Shake the bottle and apply Sapphire to a microfiber, then rub it into the paint.
  3. Reach with a second microfiber.
Do not apply the product to a heated surface. Apply directly to the microfiber, not to the paint. Apply on the washed car. The product is very efficient, just use a small amount. Always use a clean microfiber.

Hydrophobic effect


Wet look


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