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Want to wash your car well and safely? Try TOURMALINE Neutral Foam Shampoo.This is a highly concentrated, pH-neutral shampoo for washing cars. It effectively removes dirt and degreases, leaving the surface smooth and shiny. It is easy to rinse off and leaves no streaks. Thanks to the content of corrosion inhibitors, it protects the varnish from harmful effects of the environment. Recommended dosage 25-50 ml/ 10 l of water. In a 2% solution, it can be applied with a foaming machine. Available in 4 fragrances: Vanilla Cake, Tropical Fruit, Red Fruit, Cherry. Product in concentrate.

Dostępne pojemności:

0,75 l.
5 l.
Neutral pH Easy to rinse out Contains corrosion inhibitors Can be used as a foam Gentle and effective
  1. Make the appropriate dilution depending on the degree of dirt : 25-50 ml / 10 L of water - shampoo, 2% - foam.
  2. Wash the car by hand, or do a spray job.
  3. Rinse abundantly with demineralized water.
Do not apply the shampoo to a heated surface. Do not let the product dry on the paint. Always use a clean glove for washing. We recommend the two bucket method.

Avesome scent

Effective cleaning

Super suds


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