Rims and tires



Looking for a safe way to clean your rims? Choose AMETHYST Rim Cleaner. Applied to the surface, after contact with metallic impurities, it reacts and turns red. Thanks to its neutral pH, it is safe for rims, as well as for paint, plastics, chrome or glass. Its increased viscosity allows it to stay on the surface longer, and distribute the product more evenly. It effectively cleans dirt, even without the use of a brush or brush. Ready-to-use product. It does not have a strong characteristic smell of deironizer - it is masked by the smell of black grape.

Dostępne pojemności:

0,75 l.
5 l.
Neutral pH Safe for lacquer, chrome, glass Sticky consistency "Bleeding" effect
  1. Apply the product to a dry surface.
  2. Leave for 3 to 5 minutes, not allowing it to dry.
  3. Rinse with pressurized water.
  4. For tougher dirt, work out the surface with a brush or brush.
Do not apply the product on a hot surface, pay special attention to whether the rims are hot. The effect of color change after application to red is normal - a desirable phenomenon. Ensure that your brush or rim brush is clean and reasonably soft.

Neutral pH

Suitable for all surfaces

Super safe


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