Do you expect something more from your glass cleaner besides effective cleaning of the surface? Try EMERALD Glass Cleaner, which not only cleans, but also protects glass surfaces from dirt thanks to its hydrophobic properties. The content of SiO2-polymers, the main component of the coatings, guarantees faster drying. As a result, in addition to clean windows, you get a coating that acts like an invisible wiper and repels water, quickly restoring visibility even in heavy rain. With EMERALD - Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner, you don't need to use windshield wipers during rainfall to enjoy full visibility while driving. Ready-to-use product.

Dostępne pojemności:

0,75 l.
5 l.
Contains SiO2 Accelerates drying Creates a hydrophobic coating Acts as an invisible wiper Improves visibility in the rain
  1. Apply the product to a microfiber.
  2. Apply the liquid to the outside of the windshield.
  3. Reach with a microfiber.
Clean the windshield by applying the liquid using the cross method-from top to bottom and from left to right-so that the coating contained in the product is applied evenly. Then touch up with a second microfiber in a circular motion. Do not apply the product to a hot surface. Apply directly to the microfiber. Always use a clean microfiber. We recommend using a microfiber dedicated to glass surfaces.

High gloss shine




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